Individualized midwifery care, including homebirth and water birth services 
Meet the Midwife

Jessica Stahle, DEM

Making the decision to have a VBAC instead of an elective cesarean really is what turned me into the midwife I am today.  I devoured every book on pregnancy and birth I could get my hands on in preparation for my son Liam’s birth.  After he was born, I soon found myself diving into any class on birth I could find.  I also began tagging along with local midwives and students.  

In July 2007 I began my apprenticeship. That same year I attended Aviva Institute, a distance-based midwifery school. I also attended skills training courses through the Midwives College of Utah, where I also was certified in NRP and CPR. I have lead several midwifery study groups, building bridges and supporting new students. At present, I have attended over 150 births in varying capacities and provided care for over 450 women during the childbearing year.

I received formal doula training through The Nurturing Place and Birthing From Within. I also have gone through Birthing From Within's mentor training and lead childbirth preparation classes based on that philosophy that are specific to out-of-hospital birth parents. I've held several positions in local birth-related associations such as Utah Friends of Midwives, Utah Doula Association, and Utah Midwives Organization.

Community outreach and education are highly important to me. I have most recently been teaching courses on herbs, vaginal birth after cesarean, and placental development at the Community College of Midwifery and at other organizations around the state. I also frequently speak on panels about these subjects as well as on the maternal health care crisis in the United States. Activism in support of women's health care is something I am passionate about. 

For most of my life I have studied and used herbs and other complimentary remedies and therapies. I took courses at Westminster College that included herbology (western, ayurvedic, traditional chinese usage), reflexology, color therapy/chakra work, Peruvian energy healing and massage. I have continued my studies in these subjects since through workshops and self-study. I grow and make many herbal remedies.  I provide herbal consultations, make personalized remedies, and teach herbal classes called Weedwifery.

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